The Company

Success through precision
Lauble GmbH specialises in extremely precise machining. Our customers come from an enormously diverse range of industrial branches. They receive from us not only their perfectly machined parts but also other ancillary services, such as post-processing and assembly. Our employees are highly qualified and committed. From our new commercial premises in the Dunninger industrial district, they guarantee that quality is produced from the very start. We are a teaching enterprise, and we train cutting machine erators.

We are equipped with many different, ultramodern machining centres with which we can work on a wide variety of tasks. Our suppliers are leading machine tool providers such as Index, Star Micronics, Dürr, Zeiss and Hommel.

Our customers
Widely respected companies in measurement and control technology, machine building, electrical and electronic engineering, medical engineering, and the automotive supply sector appreciate our flexibility and impressive production capabilities. We involve our customers in the development and sample manufacturing processes very early.

Auxiliary systems

  • Various programming systems, 3D-CAD
  • DNC, PDA and MDA networking of all machines
  • DÜRR parts cleaning system
  • Fully automated small parts warehouse
  • Tool measurement by Zoller
  • Decorative blasting
  • Various small machines


Wilhelm Lauble and his wife Martha begin making gauge handles and finishing turned parts in their garage at home after work.

The “Wilhelm Lauble Fassondrehteile” was founded.


A second factory in Lauterbach. Three employees are hired.

Relocation and expansion of production. Technical staff training programme begins.

Daughter Sonja Auber and son Günther Lauble join the management board. The company is renamed “Lauble GmbH, Präzisionsdrehteile”.

Purpose-built factory in Dunningen, with the very latest CNC machines. The company now employs 18.

Production area expanded to a total of 1700 m². Workforce exceeds 25 for the first time.

35 employees. Three-shift operation introduced. Quality assurance programme upgraded with the latest in measuring instrumentation.

Implementation of a MDA/PDA system for controlling operating processes in production.

The company celebrates its 50th anniversary. Another 1000 m² of space added, now totalling 2700 m². The machine fleet is developed further. Installation of ventilation and heat recovery plant. Sascha and Timo Auber represent the next generation, waiting in the wings.

50 successful years