In order to satisfy the highest possible requirements regarding precision and surface quality, the production structure must be designed with considerable forethought. Over the last few years, we have been optimising our processes continuously. We are beginning with production runs of at least 500 items. These benefit most from the increased flexibility and shorter retooling times.

After our employees, the most important part of our production programme is our machinery. Our production department only uses machines with outstanding performance and extremely high availability that still deliver the same level of precision after years of service. We operate a three-shift system – there is no time for machinery to stand idle.

Our machine fleet currently consists of 24 lathe centres, including – in many cases – more than one of the same model, in order to be able to process large order volumes in the shortest time possible. Our most important machine types include the INDEX C 200, C65, ABC lathe/milling centres and the STAR SV 38 R, SR20R IV B and SB16 CNC sliding head lathe centres.

We invest continuously in the latest auxiliary machines, such as an automated small parts warehouse, which ensures the supply of tools on the basis of barcodes. We also have a PPS system including CAQ, PDA/MDA and DNC, which ensures that all machines always have the software they need.

Our measuring room with the latest in measurement technology from Zeiss and Hommel is integrated in the production function. This is a decisive factor in guaranteeing that we maintain our high quality standards.


We look after the details too

Upon request, we will also take charge of subsequent work steps for you as well, including component assembly. After machining, the precision parts will be worked further exactly in accordance with your specifications: reaming, thread rolling, sandblasting, curing, hard turning, grinding, honing, laser welding and etching, galvanising, soldering and bonding. In order to make the most of combined resources, in keeping with our "single supplier philosophy", we will also be glad to carry out partial of full assembly, until you have an installation-ready product.

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